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Our Local Team – Themes in Literary Works

Our Local Team - Themes of Literary Works

Our Local Team


Here comes our batting hero;

Salutes the crowd,

Takes guard;


And out for zero.

He’s in again

To strike a ton;

A lovely shot-


Then out for one.

Our demon bowler

Runs in quick;

He’s really fast,


Though hit for six.

In came their slogger;

He swung his bat

And missed by inches;


Our wicket keeper’s getting stitches.

Where’s our captain?

In the deep.

What’s he doing?


Fast asleep.

Last man in;

He kicks a boundary with his pad.

  1. B.W.I Not out?

The ump’s his dad!


– Raskin Bond


Mere inspiration cannot do anything. We need hard work to a achieve something.

The poet through this poem says that, youths are easily attracted towards what they see. But when it come into reality, they feel it hard to do it. Though most youths are attracted towards cricket, all cannot shine without hardwork. We should know what we can do, and need to make our way like that.

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