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Ruskin Bond’s ‘Our Local Team’

Comprehension Questions on Motivational Essays - Ruskin Bond’s ‘Our Local Team’

Our Local Team


Here comes our batting hero;

Salutes the crowd,

Takes guard;


And out for zero.

He’s in again

To strike a ton;

A lovely shot-


Then out for one.

Our demon bowler

Runs in quick;

He’s really fast,


Though hit for six.

In came their slogger;

He swung his bat

And missed by inches;


Our wicket keeper’s getting stitches.

Where’s our captain?

In the deep.

What’s he doing?


Fast asleep.

Last man in;

He kicks a boundary with his pad.

L.B.W.I Not out?

The ump’s his dad!


– Ruskin Bond

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