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Shilpi – Themes of Literary Works

Shilpi - Themes of Literary Works



Steady throb
Then staccato rhythm
Harmonic cacophony to oblivious ears
The tempo is fickle-
Now synchronized, now not,
A mirror of his changing moods
Now sure, now steeped in thought.

Bleary eyes,
Sinews taut yet steady.
Decades of practice
Heirlooms of rich traditions
In stark evidence
The knocking softens, fades,
To a mild judicious tap.
Virgin rock takes form
Rugged lines melt.
Sharp edges merge
Into smooth well moulded curves.

He steps back, surveys with
Close scrutiny, then sharp critical glare
The days of toil.
Hammer and chisel laid aside-
Only bloodshot eyes betray
Deep pride, then reverence,
Lo! God in Man’s image!


Practice makes perfection.


Hard work and good practice can shape a new model out of an normal stone. Likewise, creativity and good knowledge will shape a wise man out of an normal man.

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