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Tense - General English Grammar



It is a form of a verb that is used to show when an action happened. Eg: Go, went, Gone


Table for the use of Tenses:

Present tense
Past tense
Future tense
Simple present tense:


To express general truths

  Eg: Time and tide waits for none

To express a habitual action:

  Eg: She reads a newspaper every    


To express planned activities:

  Eg: The C.M visits our school  

     on Monday.

Simple past tense:


For a past discontinued habit

   Eg: He usually went walking

      in the morning.

For a past action with past time adverbs

   Eg: We went to America in   


Simple future tense:


To express future actions

   Eg: They will come home by



Present continuous tense:


An action which going on currently

  Eg: I am reading a novel.

To express future planned action

  Eg: We are moving to new

     home this week

Past continuous tense:


For an action going on at sometime in the past

   Eg: I was skipping food in the


For a retained habit in the past

   Eg: She was always talking

      about her greatness.

Future continuous tense:


To express an action which going on in future

 Eg: When I go playground

    she will be practicing  


For future planned

 Eg: We will be going abroad

    this month.

Present perfect tense:


To express the actions which completed just now

   Eg: My father has left home

     just now.

To express the past actions of which time is not specific

   Eg: I have never came here


To express the action which started in past and continued till now

   Eg: I have not seen him for a

      long time.


Past perfect tense:


To express one of the two past actions which completed earlier

   Eg: When we reached  

      railway station, the train

      had moved.





Future perfect tense:


For future completed action

  Eg: I shall have written the

     homework by this


Present perfect continuous tense:


To express an action which began in past and is still going on

   Eg: She has been learning

      French since last year.

Past perfect continuous tense:


For an action began and had been on progress till another action started

   Eg: When I returned home, my mom had been cleaning the home for an hour.

Future perfect continuous tense:


For an action will happen in future and will continue to a certain time in future

  Eg: She will have been practicing the dance for 2 months by July.

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