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Articles – General English Grammar

Articles - General English Grammar



Articles are used to define a noun as specific or unspecific by definite article ‘The’ and indefinite article ‘a’, ‘an’


Rules table for use and omission of articles

Use of definite article ‘The’


1.To indicates a particular person or thing

Eg: This is the person I mentioned


2.A singular noun which represents the whole class

Eg: The ant is an active insect


3.Before the name of nouns which are unique and there is only one exists in its kind

Eg: the sun, the earth, the mars


4.Before the name of holy books

Eg: the Quran, the Bible, the Bhagavad Geetha


5.Before the name of mountains, seas, oceans, rivers, gulfs, group of islands etc

Eg: the Himalayas, the Cauvery, the Andaman and nicobar, the Bay of bengal


6.Before the important events and buildings

Eg: the TajMahal, the non co-operative movement


7.Before the ships, airlines, dailies etc..

Eg: the Indian Airline, the Hindu


8.Before directions

Eg: the east, the west


9.Before musical instruments

Eg: the violin, the piano


10.Before ordinal numbers

Eg: the second, the first


11.Before United Nations

Eg: the USA, the U.A.E


12.Before some comparative adjective

Eg: The more you learn, …


13.With Superlatives

Eg: the best boy, the most beautiful picture


14.If an adjective represents people

Eg: the weak, the poor, the rich


15.If the language used to represents their people

Eg: the Tamil, the Malayali

Use of indefinite article ‘a’


1.Before consonant sound

Eg: a month, a week


2.If the vowel sounds like a consonant

Eg: a university, a union, a useful, a one rupee note, a owner, a European


3.To indicate singular noun

Eg: There was a tree in front of my house


4.Before the names of profession

Eg: I am a doctor


5.My sister is a teacher

Before Surname (for strangers)

Eg: a Mr.Arun, a Mrs.Angelia


6.With certain number

Eg: a thousand kilometers, a million dolars


7.Before price, ratio, speed

Eg: One upon a day, five rupees a kilo


8.For mention a class of thing

Eg: A teacher must have ethics

 A child needs care and affection

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Use of indefinite article ‘an’


1.Before a vowel sound ( a, e, i, o, u)

Eg: an umberalla, an ant, an apple, an ink bottle


2.Before constant sounds like vowels

Eg: an M.L.A, an M.P


3.Before ‘h’ silent

Eg: an hour, an honest

 Omission of articles


1.Before counteries and capitals

Eg: Delhi, mumbai, India


2.Before the name of games

Eg: I like chess

He plays cricket


3.Before the name of languages

Eg: Tamil, English


4.Before uncountable noun

Eg: rice, wheat, sugar, salt


5.Before common nouns used in widest sense

   Eg: What kind of book is this?

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