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Homophones – Grammar

Homophones - General English Grammar



A word that sounds the same as another word but different in meaning, spelling and origin is called homophones.

adapt – make suitable

adopt – take in one’s family as son or daughter

ark – a boat

arc – a part of a circle

sole – bottom surface of shoes

soul – spirit

dew – early morning moisture

due – what one deserves

altar – sacred place of worship

alter – change

dye – to colour

die – expire

angle – point of meeting of two lines

ankle – the joint that connects leg with the foot

gilt – gold colour

guilt – sinfulness

ail – disturb

ale – beer

pray – offer prayer

prey – animal/bird hunted for food

decent – looking nice

descent – coming down

week – days in calendar

weak – lacking strength

berth – a sleeping seat in train

birth – new life

plain – simple

plane – surface

cession –yielding

session – period of working of committee, etc

effect – produce an impact or change

affect – make a show of

beach – sea shore

beech – a tree

rice – a food grain

rise – come up

lightening – decrease

lightning – flash in the clouds during rain

vain – useless

vein – blood vessel to heart

blue – colour

blew – produce a current of air

sealing – mark with stamp

ceiling – inner roof

check – prevent

cheque – pay order by a bank

coarse – rough

course – onward movement

sell – give in exchange for money

cell – small room for one person

capital – seat of administration

capitol – building of US Parliament

council – assembly

counsel – advice

sale – an act of selling

sail – to set out on a voyage

wait – delay acting

weight – measurement of an object

roll – form in cylindrical shape

role – part

bail – security

bale – big packing

lessen – mitigate

lesson – portion

vacation – long holidays

vocation – occupation

principal – chief

principle – truth

steal – take secretly

steel – hard alloy of iron

heel – the back part of human foot below the ankle

heal – to restore to health

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