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Keep your spirits high – Themes of Literary Works

Keep your spirits high - Themes of Literary Works

Keep your spirits high


The present seems all dreary
The future very grim,
Your problems are perplexing,
Your chances rather slim,
You’re sick and tired of trying,
And your hope is fading,
There’s only one solution –
It’s “keep your spirits high”.

The way ahead is puzzling,
And clouds obstruct your view,
If this is how you’re feeling,
There’s just one thing to do;

Don’t prove yourself a quitter
Though you’re feeling sad and bitter,
But grit your teeth and bear it
And keep your spirits high!

Good luck is round the corner
So have a smiling face:
For soon your fears will vanish,
And joy will take their place,
Look forward to tomorrow
There will be an end to sorrow,
Because you have the courage,
To keep your spirits high.


One should have confident in himself to solve his problems.

We may have a bad situation and feeling very tired, but we should not give up. We should have confident in our talent so that we can solve the problem. If we quit, we have no other chance of winning it, if we are confident, then we have many chance of overcoming the difficulty.

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