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Migrant bird – Nature centered literary works

Migrant bird - Nature centered literary works and Global issue Environment and conservation.

Migrant bird


The globe’s my world. The cloud’s my kin
I care not where the skies begin;
I spread my wings through all the din;
Through fears and fright I fly my flight.
No walls for me, no vigil gates,
No flags, no machine guns that blast
Citizens of those border states-
Brothers of her brother’s sons.
No maps, no boundaries to block
My sojourn into unknown lands.
I spawn and splash in distant spills,
I breed my brood where’r I will.
I won’t look down. No I will not.
With speed of wings I hasten past
And close my eyes against the sun
To dream my dreams and make them last.


– Famida Y. Basheer

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