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Question Tag – General English Grammar

Question Tag - General English Grammar



A brief question which comes usually at the end of a statement to ask if the statement is correct

Eg: don’t you? , shall i?, do they?

There are two types of question tags.

i) Positive question tags

ii) Negative question tags


Positive question tags:

We use positive question tag after a negative sentence.

Eg: They don’t like to chat, do they?

   Raju won’t be late to meeting, will he?

   You didn’t wear shocks, did you?


Note: Words like rarely, few, hardly, scarcely, none, never, little, seldom also forms negative sentences. In that case use positive question tags.

Eg: They rarely come to school, are they?

   Nothing was found, was it?

   He is never late to office, is he?


Negative question tags:

We use negative question tag after a positive sentence.

Eg: She sings well, doesn’t she?

   We shall come home, Shan’t we?

   You will win the match, won’t you?


Some Special cases:

1. Tag for ‘I am’ is ‘aren’t I?’

Eg: I am a doctor, aren’t I?

2. Tag for ‘Let’s’ is ‘shall we?’

Eg: Let’s play, shall we?

3. The tag ‘will you?’ is used for sentence begin with ‘Don’t’.

Eg: Don’t look me, will you?

4. Tags like ‘will you’, ‘could you’, ‘can you’ used with a request or an order.

Eg: Pass this paper to him, will you?

Give me a pen, can you?

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