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TNPSC Current Affairs February 20, 2018

www.tnpsc.academy – TNPSC Current Affairs February 20, 2018 (20/02/2018)


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Topic: Important International institutions, agencies and fora, their structure, mandate

World Congress on IT 2018

The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2018 is being held in Hyderabad, India.

The event is organised by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance.

The theme: ‘Future Enterprises.’


The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) is the largest and the most reputable international event among worldwide IT leaders.

It brings together high-level officials from different countries, heads of multinational organizations, universities and scientific research centers, non-governmental organizations’ representatives and many more.

The WCIT has been held since 1978. Previous hosting countries were Canada, the Netherlands, Malaysia, USA, Greece, Australia, China, Spain, Japan, England, France, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil.


Topic : Latest Diary of Events

Saudi Arabia allows women to open their business ventures without male consent

Women in Saudi Arabia have been given the go-ahead to start businesses without the permission of a male guardian.

In the past women needed a guardian’s approval and had to visit a notary to document the founding of a company.

Topic : Latest Diary of Events, Profile of States, General Administration

Hyperloop Between Mumbai and Pune

The Virgin Group has signed an “intent agreement” with Maharashtra to build a hyperloop transportation system between Mumbai and Pune, which aims to reduce the travel time between the two mega cities to 20 minutes from the three hours at present.

The hyperloop route will link central Pune with the megapolis as well as the Navi Mumbai international airport.

What is hyperloop transportation system?

It is a transportation system where a pod-like vehicle is propelled through a near-vacuum tube connecting cities at speeds matching that of an aircraft.

The hyperloop concept is a brainchild of Tesla founder Elon Musk.

US-based Hyperloop Transport Technology (HTT) claimed it costs $40 million per kilometre to build a hyperloop system while building a high-speed train line would cost almost twice.

The hyperloop system is being designed to transport passengers and freight.


Topic: Indian cultural Panorama, Latest diary of events

More than 40 Indian languages will soon be extinct

As per the Census Directorate, 42 Indian languages are said to be endangered.

Due to the small number who speak the languages are expected to soon be extinct.

The languages include dialects as well. The 42 languages are considered endangered because they are spoken by less than 10,000 people.

Endangered languages:

The endangered languages include, 11 from Andaman and Nicobar Islands– Andamanese, Jarawa, Lamongse, Luro, Muot, Onge, Pu, Sanenyo, Sentilese, Shompen and Takahanyilang, 7 from Manipur– Aimol, Aka, Koiren, Lamgang, Langrong, Purum, and Tarao, and 4 from Himachal Pradesh– Baghati, Handuri, Pangvali, Sirmaudi. Mandi, Parji and Pengo from Orissa, Koraga and Kuruba from Karnataka, Gadaba and Naiki from Andhra Pradesh, Mra and Na from Arunachal Pradesh, Tai Nora and Tai Rong from Assam, Bangani from Uttarakhand, Kota and Toda from Tamil Nadu, Birhor from Jharkhand, Nihali from Maharashtra, Ruga from Meghalaya and Toto from West Bengal.

Way ahead:

India is one of the few countries with such a huge diversity of languages.

If the languages become extinct it will not just mean the loss of the said languages but also a loss of culture.

The country wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for its diversity, languages are a crucial part of that diversity.

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