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TNPSC Current Affairs November 02, 2017

www.tnpsc.academy – TNPSC Current Affairs November 02, 2017 (02/11/2017)


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Topic : India’s Foreign Policy

Indo – Kazakhstan Joint Exercise “PRABAL DOSTYK 2017”

A fourteen day joint training exercise “PRABAL DOSTYK – 2017” between the Indian Army and the Kazakhstan Army commenced at Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh.

The joint exercise is aimed at enhancing the military ties between the two countries as also at achieving interoperability between the two armies.


Topic : General administration, Latest diary of Events

Cabinet approved National Council for Teacher Education (Amendment) Bill, 2017

Cabinet gave its approval for introduction of a Bill in Parliament which will amend the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) Act, 1993, namely the National Council for Teacher Education (Amendment) Act, 2017.


The NCTE Act, 1993 enacted by Parliament aims to achieve planned and coordinated development of teacher education system, regulation and ensure proper maintenance of norms and standards in said system.

It establishes NCTE to achieve these objectives.

It has separate provisions for recognising teacher education courses and to lay down guidelines for compliance by recognized Institutions/Universities

Key Facts:

The amendment will ensure that students studying in these Institutions/Universities, or already passed out from here, find employment as teacher.

The amendment will grant retrospective recognition to all such Central/State/Universities which were found to be conducting teacher education courses without NCTE permission.


Topic : New inventions on Science & Health, Environment & Ecology

Carnivorous plants use CO2 to trap prey

Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Gardens and Research Institute students discovered that some carnivorous plants use carbon dioxide (CO2) to attract insects and ants to their prey traps.

Key facts:

Carnivorous plants have been known to employ a variety of techniques like nectar, smell, colour and ultraviolet florescence to lure and capture prey.

The Indian pitcher plant (Nepenthes khasiana) uses the gas, both to attract prey and to aid the digestive process.

The open Nepenthes pitchers were found to emit CO2 constantly.

CO2 inside the pitchers was produced by the respiration of tissues within the cavity.

CO2 is found to trigger the release of antifungal compounds into the pitcher fluid, preventing infections from incoming prey.

It might also act as a tranquilliser for the trapped prey.


Topic : India’s Foreign Policy, Latest Diary of Events, General Administration

Cabinet approved agreement on cooperation and mutual assistance between India and Armenia

Cabinet approves agreement on cooperation and mutual assistance between India and Armenia in custom matters.

Key facts:

The agreement will further help in the availability of relevant information for the prevention and investigation of customs offences.

It is also expected to facilitate trade and ensure efficient clearance of goods traded between both the countries.


Topic : General Administration, Public Awareness, Latest Diary of Events

Gender Vulnerability Index 2017

GVI provides information on nature and magnitude of various problems affecting children, particularly girls, in difficult circumstances.

About Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI):

Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI) has been compiled by ‘Plan India’ a non-government organisation and was released by Union Women and Child Development Ministry on November 1, 2017.

Goa has topped the index with a GVI score of 0.656.

And Bihar is at the bottom of the rank with a GVI score of 0.410.

National average GVI score is 0.5314.

On parameter of ‘Poverty’, Manipur, Mizoram and Tamil Nadu are the top three states.


Topic : India’s Foreign Policy

Italy PM Paolo Gentiloni’s two days visit to India

Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni arrived in India for two-day official visit.

This is the first visit to India by an Italian Prime Minister in last ten years.

Romano Prodi was the last Italian Prime Minister to visit India.

The focus of Mr. Gentiloni’s visit was to give an impetus to economic and commercial cooperation between India and Italy.


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 Topic : General Administration, Public Awareness, Latest Diary of Events

21st World Congress of Mental Health

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the 21st World Congress of Mental Health being organized by the World Federation for Mental Health in partnership with Caring Foundation and other institutions in New Delhi.

The World Congress of Mental Health is taking place in India for the first time.


Topic : General Administration, Latest Historical Events

Puducherry celebrated Libertion day – November 01

Sixty years after the de facto transfer of French territories to India was signed in New Delhi between the two countries, Puducherry will celebrate its Liberation Day for the first time on November 1.

Puducherry formerly known as Pondicherry is a union territory of India.

It was formed out of four exclaves of former French India, namely Pondichéry (Pondicherry; now Puducherry), Karikal (Karaikal), Mahé and Yanaon (Yanam).


Historically known as Pondicherry the territory changed its official name to Puducherry on 20 September 2006.

In 1674, Pondicherry became a French colony of the French colonial empire.

Together with Chandernagor, Mahe, Yanam, Karaikal and Masulipatam, it formed the French colony of French India, under a single French governor in Pondicherry.

The territories of French India were completely transferred to the Republic of India de facto on 1 November 1954, and de jure on 16 August 1962.

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