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TNPSC Group 2A 2017 Test Series – Test 04


Attend TNPSC Group 2A 2017 Test Series – Test 04

TNPSC குரூப் 2A 2017 பயிற்சி தேர்வு – 04 (11.06.2017)

GS  |  General English  |  பொது தமிழ்  – ONLINE TEST & PDF GIVEN BELOW

Group 2A 2017 Test series for General Studies, Aptitude & Mental Ability (TNPSC Maths), General English, பொது தமிழ்.

பொது அறிவு, அப்ஸ் (கணக்கு), பொது ஆங்கிலம், பொது தமிழ் ஆகி அனைத்து  பாடங்களுக்கும் TNPSC குரூப் 2A  மாதிரி தேர்வு இங்கு நடத்தப்படுகிறது.

You can attend offline by Downloading this Test 04 Question paper along with OMR Sheet & detailed answers.

இந்த TNPSC குரூப் 2A மாதிரி  தேர்வு – 04 ஐ நீங்கள் ஆஃப்லைனில் எழுத இக்கேள்வித்தாள் OMR தாள் மற்றும் விரிவான பதிலுடன்பதிவிறக்கம் செய்துக்கொள்ளலாம்

Know the Time Table for TNPSC Group 2A Test Series

TNPSC குரூப்  2A மாதிரி தேர்விற்கான  கால அட்டவணை அறிய –  Download  PDF

To Download Questions as PDF, See Below | இந்த தேர்வின் PDF – ஐ பதிவிறக்கம் செய்ய இப்பக்கத்தின் கீழே லிங்க் (link) உள்ளது .

Read More about TNPSC Group 2A Test Series 

TNPSC குரூப் 2A 2017 பயிற்சி தேர்வு பற்றி 

Attend TNPSC Group 2A 2017 Test 04 – Click the Start Test Button to Start the Test 4

TNPSC Group 2A 2017 Test 04  தேர்வு எழுத  – துவக்க பட்டன் (Start button) -ஐ  சொடுக்கவும்


[WpProQuiz 90]

TEST 04 – பொது தமிழ்

[WpProQuiz 89]


[WpProQuiz 93]

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To Attend this Test @ Offiline -Download TNPSC Group 2A Test Series – Test 04 – Question with Detailed Answer – The PDF will be updated Soon.



20 August 2017

41 responses on "TNPSC Group 2A 2017 Test Series - Test 04"

  1. nice sir the question pattern was superb. some questions are very easy, some of them are little tough.aptitude is very easy.thanks.
    Sir upload some videos on aptitude.


  3. Sir,
    Questions was average and test series was very helpful ..please upload test series 3 questions with detailed answer

  4. Sir

    Thanks for this service. In General Studies, Please don’t add General English questions….. Heads Off to your great Work

    Thank you Once Again Sir.

  5. Hi,
    Really i should thank tnpsc.academy website for conducting this kind of quality test series. in the test series 4 i found that some questions from chemistry and geo are out of portion( syllabus prescribed for this particular test). pls do check

    • Hi,
      We accept that we have took some out of portions questions also. We made it wanted. In every competitive exam we cannot be sure what questions, which portions, types will be answered. Though TNPSC has given a syllabus, they too ask questions from out of portions some times. So, to make the aspirants to be able to attend the unexpected questions too, we made that. We have made the test series not just to score marks alone, mainly to analyse oneself based on how much they have completed and also how they are able to attend the questions too. Hope this helps you.

      TNPSC.Academy Team.

  6. sir,
    First time i am preparing for tnpsc exams and i am following your study plan and took first 3 tests. In those tests i could score 70 to 73 percent even though i have studied everything. So pls suggest how can i improve my performance and how much have to score in tnpsc group2A. i comes under BC category

    • Hi, For average aspirants it may take some time to score from one test to another. Keep going, your score will gradually increase. If you have completed all the portions before test, then see which questions you made mistake and analyse why you made mistake, it will help you to avoid that in future exams.

      For Group 2A, the score differs based on exam and questions. We will post the cut off details after the exam.

  7. Hello Sir,
    Your questions are awesome. I need the questions in pdf format so that I can take offline test. It is very comfortable for Tnpsc group 2 a exam. I request to upload the questions test series 3 and 4 as soon as possible.

  8. அகரவரிசைப்படி சொற்களை சீர் செய்க.

    இனிமை, ஓதல், அரவம், ஆநிரை, ஒருமை
    this question answer is wrong sir

  9. Sir,how to download the question paper..link option doesn’t working

  10. Sir please update the answer pdf files for test series 3 and 4.

  11. 1 2 3 4

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