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TNPSC Group 4 Model Question Paper with Detailed Answers – 1-1

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TNPSC Group 4 Model Question-1 Details:

No. of Questions : 100

Marks : 150

Note : Detailed answers for the questions are given below each question. If any of the answers are not displaying, try by reloading the page.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Go to 51 to 100 Questions –>>


1. The Electrical cell converts,

a. Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy

b. Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy

c. Chemical Energy into Electrical Energy

d. All the above.


2. The Tamil language spoken in Tamil Nadu can be appreciated as like following except

a. Senthamizh

b. Nattutamizh

c. Paeynthamizh

d. Muthamizh


3. Which country conferred its highest civilian award to our Prime Minister recently?

a. China

b. Russia

c. Afghanistan

d. United States


4. The name of the Galaxy we live in is called as

Milky way



Alpha Century


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5. The middle layer in the structure of Skin Tissue is






6. The term ‘Harappa’ in sindhi means?

a. Burnt brick

b. Mound of dead

c. Buried city

d. None of the above


7. The river that was said to have flown on the landmass of ancient ‘Kumari Kandam’ was

a. River Saraswathi

b. River Cauvery

c. River Meghna

d. River Fahruli


8. The Chemical reaction in which the Heat is evolved as an byproduct is known as

a. Exothermic Reaction

b. Endothermic Reaction

c. Redox Reaction

d. Combustion Reaction


9. The World Health Organisation defines adolescence as the period of life between

a. 9 and 18 years of age

b. 11 and 18 years of age

c. 11 and 19 years of age

d. 13 and 19 years of age


10. What is Airlander 10?

a. Presently the Largest Flying Aircraft

b. Name of India’s Manned Moon Mission

c. NASA’s Mission for Pluto

d. None of the above


Directions for the following 4 (Four) items:

Examine carefully the following statements and answer four items that follow:

(i) A and B play Football and Hockey

(ii)  C and D play Badminton and Cricket

(iii) B and C play Cricket and Football

(iv) A and D play Hockey and Badminton


11. One who plays Badminton, Football and Hockey

(a) A                                   (b) B

(c) C                                    (d) D


12. One who plays Badminton, Football and Cricket

(a) A                                   (b) B

(c) C                                    (d)D


13. One who plays Cricket, Football and Hockey

(a)  A                                  (b) B

(c)  C                                   (d) D


14. One who does not play cricket

(a)  A                                  (b)B

(c)  C                                   (d)D


15. For making ornaments and other usage, the Indus people used

I.Gold          II. Silver

III. Ivory     IV. Iron

Choose the correct answer

a. I, II and IV only

b. I, II and III only

c. I, III and IV only

d. III and IV only


16.Find the Odd man out.

a. Surendranath Banerjee

b. Dadabai Naoroji

c. Gopala Krishna Gokhale

d. Bipin Chandra Pal


17. The Wood Furniture are coated with which chemical to protect from Termite destruction

a. Copper sulphate

b. Sodium Nitrate

c. Plaster of Paris

d. Zinc chloride


18. A train moves at a constant speed of 120 km/hr for 1 km and at 40 km/hr for the next 1 km. What is the average speed of the train.

a. 48 kmph

b. 50 kmph

c. 80 kmph

d. 60 kmph


19. The State which pioneered the Noon-meal scheme to achieve universal enrollment to schools is

a. Andra Pradesh

b. Karnataka

c. Gujarat

d. Tamil Nadu


20. Which of the following singer was recognized recently by Guinness book and Asia book record for singing most number of songs in Indian languages?

a. Lata Mangeshkar

b. Susheela Mohan

c. Janaki

d. Asha Bhosle

21. What is the name of the Operation of the Indian Armed Forces to evacuate Indian Citizens from Yemen during 2015 Yemen Crisis?

a. Operation Maitri
b. Operation Meghdoot
c. Operation Rahat
d. Operation Poomalai


22. The longest river in the world is

a. Brahmaputra

b. Nile

c. Amazon

d. Tigris


23. Match the following Vitamins and their deficiency disease

A. Vitamin A –  1. Beri – Beri

B. Vitamin K –  2. Scurvy

C. Vitamin B1 – 3. Haemorrhage

D. Vitamin C –  4. Nyctalopia


A             B             C             D

a.    3              4              2              1

b.    4              3              2              1

c.     3              4              1              2

d.    4              3              1              2


24. The First Battle of Tarain (1911 A.D) was fought between Rajput ruler Prithviraj Chauhan and

a. Mahmud of Ghazni

b. Muhammad of Ghori

c. Qutb-ud-din Aibak

d. Babur


25. Recently in April 2016, Mary Kom was in news because

a. Won a medal in Rio Olympics

b. Broke her own World record

c. Acted in her Biography film

d. Was nominated as MP of Rajya Sabha


26. World’s largest Solar Power Plant was recently inaugurated at

a. Gujarat

b. Tamil Nadu

c. Kerala

d. Rajasthan


27. In the following figures two six fold cubes are given. Each side of the cube is painted as shown in these figures. These sides are White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue. Studying the arrangement of colours tell when Blue colour is on top which colour will the bottom have?


(a) Red

(b) Green

(c)  Orange

(d) Yellow


28. The followings are the Architectural styles of Pallava rulers except

a. Rock Cut temples

b. Monolithic Rathas and Mandapas

c. The Structural Temples

d. Vihara styles


29. The seventh India – Japan International Conference on Science and Technology was recently held in

a. Bangalore

b. Chennai

c. Mumbai

d. Mysore


30. In Rio Paralympics 2016, for Men’s high jump event Thangavelu Mariappan from Tamil Nadu secured

a. Gold Medal

b. Silver Medal

c. Bronze Medal

d. He didn’t get any medal


Directions: Q. No. 31 to 35: Study the following information carefully to answer these questions.

Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in two rows, three in each. E is not at the end of any row. D is second to the left of F. C, the neighbor of E, is sitting diagonally opposite to D. B is the neighbor of F.


31. Which of the following are sitting diagonally opposite to each other?

a. F and C

b. D and A

c. A and C

d. A and F

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32. Which of the following are in the same row?

a. A and E

b. E and D

c. C and B

d. A and B


33. Which of the following are in one of the two rows?

a. FBC

b. CEB

c. DBF

d. AEF


34. After Interchanging seat with E, who will be the neighbors of D in the new position?

a. C and A

b. F and B

c. Only B

d. Only A


35. Which of the following occupies the middle positions in both the rows?

a. B and F

b. A and C

c. B and E

d. E and C


36. The Chola ruler who merged the Chalukya kingdom with the Chola Empire and started the Chalukya-Chola line of rulers was

a. Kulothunga Chola

b. Raja Raja Chola

c. Rajendra Chola

d. Vijayalaya Chola


37. The Majuli Island was recently declared as the Largest River Island in the World by Guinness World Records. This Island is located in the river

a. Indus

b. Ganga

c. Yamuna

d. Brahmaputra


38. Given below are three different positions of a dice. Find the number of dots on the face opposite the face bearing 3 dots.


(a) 4

(b) 5

(c) 6

(d) Cannot be determined


39. What is the unit digit in the product

(365 x 659 x 771)?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 4

d. 6


40. If the number 653xyis divisible by 90, then (x + y) = ?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 6


41. If the number 517*324 is completely divisible by 3, then the smallest whole number in the place of * will be:

a. 0

b. 1

c. 2

d. None of these


42. The famous Angkor wat (temple) in Cambodia was built by which of the following South Indian Ruler?

a. Mahendravarman I

b. Suryavarman II

c. Yasovarman I

d. Narasimhavarman II


43. The Vaikom Satyagraha in Kerala was launched by

a. Rajagopalachari

b. Satyamurthi

c. Subramanya Siva

d. Periyar E.V.R


44. The openings in the Leaves, through which the air and water comes out is called as

a. Petiole

b. Stipules

c. Stomata

d. Vein


45.  The Constitutional Amendment in which the voting age in the elections is reduced from 21 to 18

a. 42nd amendment act of 1976

b. 61st amendment act of 1989

c. 69th amendment act of 1991

d. 76th amendment act of 1994

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46. The NITI Aayog entrusted with the development of India was formed to replace

a. Finance Commission

b. Planning Commission

c. National Development Council

d. None of the above


47. The Indian National Congress represented by Mahatma Gandhi attended the

a. First Round Table Conference

b. Second Round Table Conference

c. Third Round Table Conference

d. Gandhi didn’t attend any Round Table conferences.


48. What is the theme of World Water Day celebrated on 22nd March, 2016?

a. Water – Its safeguard

b. Water and its protection

c. Conservation of Water

d. Water and Jobs


49.  The Green Revolution was first introduced for which crop

a. Rice

b. Wheat

c. Maize

d. Sugarcane


50. A and B undertake to do a piece of work for Rs.100. A can do it in 5 days and B can do it in 10 days. With the help of C, they finish it in 2 days. How much should C be paid for his contribution?

a) Rs.40

b) Rs. 20

c) Rs. 60

d) Rs. 30


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