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Quick Notes of March 2017

www.Tnpsc.Academy – TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017 – Quick Notes

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Awards & Honours


 S.no  Name of the Person     Name of the Award                   Read More
  1.  Delhi Metro Rail  Limca World Record  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-04-2017/
  2.  M P Veerendra Kumar  Moortidevi Award  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-06-2017/
  3.  Vaikom Vijayalakshmi  World Record  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-07-2017/
  4.  From Tamil Nadu

i) V. Nannamal

ii) Dr. Nandita Shah

iii) Kalyani Pramod

  NariShakti Puraskars  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-08-2017/
  5.  Virat Kohli &      Ravichandran Ashwin  BCCI Annual Awards  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-08-2017/
  6.  Mahabaleshwar Sail  Saraswathi samman Award  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-10-2017/
  7.    Indrani – Top place

Arjun – 3rd Place

Archana Verma – 5th palce

Pratick Naidu – 7th place

Vrinda Madan – 9th place


Regenron Science talent    Award (Junior Nobel Prize)




  8.  Indian Cricket Team  Vijay Hazare Trophy  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-21-2017/
  9. Major Rohit Suri  Kriti Chakra Award  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-22-2017/
  10.  Raghu Rai  National Photographic    Awards 2017(Lifetime  Achievement award)  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-24-2017/
  11.Awardees from Tamil Nadu:

v  S. Geethalakshmi

v  C. Palanivelu

v  Anand K. Khakhar








v  S. Rajasekaran

v  P. Sundaresan


Dr. B.C. Roy National Awards:









Hari Om Ashram Alembic  Research Awards



 12.  Anupam Kher  Kala Ratna Award  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-      current-affairs-mar-31-2017/

 Science & Tech

   S.no                        New     Inventions/Discoveries/Current  events in Sci &Tech     By Whom             Read More
  1.  Test firing of Endo Atmospheric    Interceptor Missile  DRDO  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-02-2017/
  2.  Developed the first  BT cotton varieties  Punjab Agriculture University  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-08-2017/
  3.  Test Fired Brahmos Missile  DRDO  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-11-2017/


  4.  Lost Chandrayaan I was found  NASA  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-13-2017/


  5.  India’s Largest Floating Solar PV plant  NTPC  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-14-2017/


  6.  World’s first fluorescent frog  Found in Argentina  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-15-2017/


  7.  World’s oldest Algae fossil  Discovered by Indian Scientist  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-17-2017/


  8.  World’s Largest Artificial Sun Germany Scientists https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-27-2017/


 Latest Diary of Events

  S.no          Event           Date          Read More
  1.  National Science Day    28th Feburary   https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-01-2017/
 2.  World Wildlife Day    March 03   https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-03-2017/
 3. Name of Airports Changed   Vijayawada to NandamuriTaraka Rama Rao (NTR) Amaravati Airport.

Tirupati Airport to Sri Venkateswara Airport

 4. Rabi Ray  expired  Former Lok Sabha Speaker  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-07-2017/
 5.  The Government announced Kamaladevi Chattopadhya national Award   For women handloom weavers and women handicraft artisans  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-09-2017/
 6.  Genocide Day Declared by Bangladesh  March 25  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-14-2017/
 7.  World’s Consumer Rights Day  March 15  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-15-2017/
 8.  Pyari Mohan Mohapatra expired  Former Rajya Sabha MP & President of Odisha Jana Morcha Party  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-20-2017/
 9.  Dev raj sikkah expired  Father of Indian  Meteorology & Monsoon  man  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-20-2017/
 10.  Mines to Market 2017  March 19 to 20  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-21-2017/
 11.  World Poetry Day  March 21  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-22-2017/
 12.  World Forestry Day  March 21  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-22-2017/
 13. World Water Day  March 22 https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc- current-affairs-mar-22-2017/
 14. World Meteorological Day March 23 https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-23-2017/
  15. World TB day March 24 https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-24-2017/
 16. Ashoka mitran expired  Tamil Writer https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-24-2017/
 17.  Martyr’s Day  March 23 https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-24-2017/
 18. Cyclone Debbie Strikes in the North East  Australian coast https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-28-2017/
 19. Tehmtan R. Andhyarujina expired Jurist & Senior Advocate https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-28-2017/


 S.no Name of the Person Achievement of the  Person Read More
 1.       Jitu Rai  Gold Medal in ISSF World    Cup Shooting  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-02-2017/
 2.    Amanpreet Singh  Silver Medal in ISSF World Cup Shooting  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-02-2017/
 3.     SSP Chawrasia  Hero Indian Open Title in Golf  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-14-2017/
 4.       Vidya Pilla  Won Silver Medal in World  Women Snooker  Championship  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc- current-affairs-mar-22-2017/
 5.     Ankur Mittal Won Gold in ISSF Shortgun  World Cuphttps://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-23-2017/
7.S V Sunil From Indian HockeyPlayer of the Year 2016 by Asian Hockey Federationhttps://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-31-2017/


  S.no  Name of the Post  Name of the Person  Read More
  1.  Chairman of NCST (National Commission of Scheduled Tribes)      Nand Kumar Sai  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-01-2017/
  2.  Indian Ambassador of WTO (World trade organisation)        S. Deepak  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-02-2017/


  3.  SEBI Chairman          Ajay Tyagi   https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-02-2017/


  4.  UPSC New Secretary         T. Jacob  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-04-2017/


  5.  Chairman of Central Water Commission     Narendra Kumar   https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-11-2017/


  6.  UNICEF Ambassador   Sachin Tendulkar   https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-11-2017/


  7.   Additional charge of    Defence Minister


      Arun Jaitley    https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-  current-affairs-mar-15-2017/


  8.   Top Health care position in US


      Seema Verma  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-16-2017/


  9.   Assam’s Upalokayuta    Justice Chittaranjan  Sharma  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc- current-affairs-mar-16-2017/


  10.  Member of governing body  of Sports Authority of  India(SAI)   Jwala Gupta  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-17-2017/


  11.  Chief Minister of  Uttrakand    Trivendra Rawat  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-18-2017/


  12.  Chief Minister of Uttra  pradesh      Yogi Adityanath  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-  current-affairs-mar-18-2017/


  13.  1st Women Field officer in  Border Security Force     Tanushree Pareek  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-27-2017/


  14.  Leadership Conference on  civil & Human Rights    Chairman & CEO          Vanita Gupta  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-28-2017/


  15.   CBEC Chief        Vanaja N Sarna  https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-current-affairs-mar-31-2017/


August 20, 2017

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